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A5 six knife machine

A5 six knife machine

Motor total power: 11.7 KW

Purpose: according to the forming tool shape of bamboo can be forming bamboo rods of various shapes. Can produce incense bone, bamboo toothpicks, food sign, sign, mat, round chopsticks, such as blank.

Shape size: 1550 mm * 1000 mm * 1050 mm

Product specifications: from 0.8 ~ 0.8 length 300 ~ 2000 mm

Production capacity: 486 mm/s; 720 mm/s; 1100 mm/s

Operator: 1 2 (recommended)



This product on the basis of type A3 upgrading, more stable, higher yield, more quiet, under the 2.0 in the production of bamboo sticks, its effect is more apparent, sign of high yield about ten percent.